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Number 18 
Intelligent Asian session strategy   l    Ideal long term investment        

Broker requirement

This is a scalping strategy so profits are fairly small - therefor  you need very accurate copy tech in a same broker / same server environment. We have tested the copy quality on our server with excellent results. 

For this signal we strongly advise an account with IC Markets as the master account is hosted there too. 

( RAW spread account ;  1: 500 leverage.)


You could test this signal with your own broker. It could work if your broker do not load spread during times of low volatility ( Asian session), ,and if your broker offers good execution.

Minimum leverage 1:100.

Balance &
Lot Size  

A minimum deposit of $334 is required as master account is set to trade 0.03 lots per $1000. So for each $334 the lot size will be 0.01. $ 668 will be 0.02, etc. Lot size will automatically be allocated in line with your balance. 


The system opens orders 2 hours a day during the low volatility and typical reversals that happen during the Asian session. As the name suggests, it trades up to 18 pairs which is used in a dynamic way to ensures that drawdown is kept low and profits are stable.   

The strategy do not use dangerous money management techniques like averaging (grid), full martingale, hedging and pyramiding.



The history of this account shows that it is a timeless and profitable strategy. It should be noted that a 'winner system' like this typically has 11/12 winning months. As can be seen by the verified results the % gained in positive months will always exceed that of the any possible negative month that may occur. 

Over a 6 month period this system will always be profitable. 

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