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Unaccurate Web reviews 
We noted several web reviews with incorrect an reckless damaging assumptions.
This is very concerning. 
We worked hard at being honest and transparent .
We have replied to all these sites asking them to correct the information.
We also invited them all to partake in  a free 2 week trial so they cam experience our service and transparency 1st hand. 

You may have come across such reviews - for this purpose we created this page with links to these reviews and our comments and communication to them correcting the errors
OUR COMMENTS TO CORRECT We are the Owners of The review above has multiple errors in which we would like to correct and explain.

All the errors in this review is listed below

A. The review states that we use martingale. This is incorrect
Martingale definition from the web: ttps://
‘The Martingale Strategy involves doubling the trade size every time a loss is faced.
Three reasons ‘why we do not use Martingale’
1. We increase lot size mildly actor of 1.6. ( we do not double lot size unlimited)
2.We have a maximum number of trades per pair ( 6) Martingale do not have this
3.We have a safety stop at a % DD ( 4% , 14% ,etc) depending on the plan you choose. Martingale have no safety stop.
We even have a capital protection plan that clients can use to trade in a safe environment See

The review states: ‘ We have no backtests published on the site. It’s suspicious.
Our strategy is a combination of automation and manual trading. This information is supplied on the website very clearly
You cannot backtest such a strategy.

The review states: Something went wrong on the verified account, and a part of the data was removed. It triggers losing all 140+ subscribers. It’s suspicious.

This is very easy to explain and does not imply that the data changed in any way. ( its not possible )
The account was set up in 2020 when the trader was not planning to start Growex as business. ( yet) Because of the success of the trading he has numerous personal conversations with friends, etc. on the feed. The account also had a different name. The trader had no way of removing the personal info ( some crude jokes for example) on the feed, and wanted to start on a clean sheet, with only professional comments from clients going forward. No data was changed in the process. This was simply needed for business purposes to be in line with our branding, etc. Anyone can contact Myfxbook directly and ask if data can be can be changed this way , and they confirm that it cannot be changed.

The review comments: The available comments don’t include any information about how much people gain and other trading-related details. It means most of their reviews are fake.

– It is not a requirement that a review must included the % you gained. It cannot mean ‘it is fake’ if it is not there…
– All of our Reviewers are active subscribing clients that are also commenting on our Telegram channel ( 50 + members) and can be contacted directly (if you wanted to find out if they reviewed)

We would like to invite the staff at Forexezy to contact us on to discuss this review and ask any questions they might have.
We would also like to invite them to try our our service ( on demo) for 2 week for free
and then write another review based the real facts and 1st hand experience.

We look forward to hearing from Forecezy in this regard.

The committed team at GROWEX
Ed & Val