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Frequently asked questions

How does your copy service work ?

We connect your MT4 to our master account, and all trades are copied over automatically. See more under 'Copy Technology' on our menu. The trades are executed in accordance to the investment level you have selected. When you sign up, you give us permission to execute trades on your trading account. This is all we are allowed to do - we cannot withdraw your funds.

Will my money be safe?

If you use IC Markets your funds should is safe as they are a trusted and well regulated ( ASIC) Broker. We trade our own funds on the master account, so do our best to protect capital. We practise the best risk control possible through an experienced trader who momitors the trades 24/5.

Will my results be identical to the master account?

If you have an IC Markets account the results should very close to identical. If you use your own broker it could differ, but not by too much. We have a TP of around 25 pips, so your account will always have good profits. If there is a difference in results, it could be caused by the following: - Your broker has a different pricefeed, compared to our Broker. To protect your copy account our copy software will not open a copy trade on your account if there is a price difference of more than 2.5pips between the price of the pair at your broker, and that of the master account broker. If this happens our sofware will then automatically open the trade on your account as soon as the the price is within the 2.5 pip range again. If this happens there will typically be a time entry difference between the master trade and your trade. - Your broker's liquidity quality differs from that of our Broker wich could cuase slippage if the market was moving fast at the time of the close ( This might work in favour, or against you. )

Do I need to keep my MT4 terminal open?

No. Your account is hosted on our VPS, so it is connected to the master account 24/7 .

Can I trade on my account while it is connected to Growex?

We advise against it, as it comes with increased risk at several levels. We realize that our clients want to 'make their capital work hard. We need to warn against all the possible risks including the following: 1. Combined drawdown : Our strategy goes into drawdown for time to time. This is normal. The combined drawdown from your trading, and ours, all adds up and could lead to a margin call if not carefully controlled. If you have an account with 1:50 leverage then we do not advise that you trade on the account too. Because of the low leverage, the limited margin may not be enough for a combination of trades (yours and ours) going into drawdown at the same time. 2. Pressure on shared hosting resources: You should NOT host any other EA's on the account that we host on our VPS. It puts pressure on the available hosting resources an we have abserved that the response time on such accounts can is slower when compared to accounts without EA's. This is potentially very dangerous so we stronly advise against it. 3. Liquidity issues leading to slippage: If you have an exceptional large number of trades open additional to our trading, and the market is moving very fast it may lead to slippage, as liquidity may not be sufficient, as this is also dependent on your specific broker.

Are you a Financial Advisory Service?

No,we are not. You are following our trade signals, and when you sign up for it, you argree to do it according to our 'Terms of Service' as published on our website.

How do I activate my subscription after the free trial?

We will send you a subscription link 2 - 3 days before your trial ends. If you activate it before your trial ends there will be no interuption of the signal to your account.

Can I withdraw and deposit while trades are open?

WITHDRAWING We strongly advise against withdrawing big amounts while trades are open. It can lead to increased risk, as your open position sizes in realtion to your balance will change. This implies that you could go into deeper drawdown (than the master account) and you could potentially also end up with a loss on a specific trade. We normally do not have trades open on Fridays and over weekends, so it is better to withdraw then. DEPOSITS. Making a deposit does not offer a risk. so you can do this at any time. Note, that your may have position sizes that differ due to the deposit, so that wil affect the profit you will make.

Do I have to use IC Markets as Broker?

No. You can use any broker of your choice. Ideally the broker must offers an ECN account, , raw spread, and leverage of 1:500. Leverage as low as 1:50 can also work, but with that leverage you can only subsribe to our Moderate plan.

Must my trading account be in USD?

No. Your account can be in any major currency (Pound, Euro, etc) . The only requirement is that it must be equal to the minimum required in USD, or each plan.