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Night Club signal
Asian session scalping strategy - trades in low volitality - Fixed TP / SL    

Broker requirement

A RAW spread IC Markets account is required to copy this signal accurately. Clients could test the signal to other brokers but due to the scalping nature of the trading a 'same broker' environment is required for the best results. Open an IC markets account using our IB link to get a 2 week trial.  

Balance &
Lot Size  

A minimum of $500 is required.

Lot size will be allocated in line with your balance.

Maximum expected drawdown is around 10%. 


The system trades during the low volatility Tokyo trading session. Most of the time currencies are traded in a tight range during that period and there is a high probability of a reversal. The strategy tries to profit from that market edge and avoids trading if there is a risk of a new trend developing (economic news, high volatility in the stock market).
Each currency was evaluated individually so some pairs are traded even during that period.
Nightclub trades around 12 pairs. For some pairs with a strong mean character there are several strategies working independently. So sometimes there is more than one trade open for a pair.
Limit and market orders are used and all trades have stop loss and take profit. A few trades have a hidden stop loss that is executed by the system to avoid losses because of high spread. The stop loss is relatively wide and take profit varies from just a few pips to very far targets. Take profit can be narrowed while a trade is open.
Trades are closed either by stop loss, take profit, time stop or if the system does not expect a better result for the particular trade (regardless if currently in loss or profit).
Trading window starts one hour before the New York market closes and ends after the Tokyo trading session. After that time window no new trades are opened and most trades are already closed. In some cases, trades will be kept open during the following London and New York trading sessions.
Some trades are kept open over the weekend but the account exposure is kept low.
The strategy does not use any dangerous money management technique like averaging (grid), martingale, hedging and pyramiding.
The strategy is fully automated without manual intervention. Each sub strategy is evaluated approximately quarterly and adjusted, paused or removed if necessary. Additional strategies are added if they passed a test period on another live account. The account is closely monitored and in case of unexpected drawdown the number of sub strategies will be reduced to avoid further losses. Maximum target drawdown is 10%. Capital protection has the highest priority so we might see stagnation periods in the future when only the most stable sub strategies/pairs are traded


The history of this account shows that it is a timeless and profitable strategy. All responsible systems all have negative months.  A really good signal typically have  around 10 positive months with 5% pm gains, with 2 negative months of 2 -3%. This is normal and implies that the system is 'beating the market'. For any strategy with a fixed TP/SL it is important that you always have a 6 month view of account performance. 

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