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  & Safe 

We want our clients to profit from our trading for many years to come.
Fortunately, our trading is perfectly poised to allow for this. In here we'll share ideas on how you can protect yourself against losses and remain profitable at all times. 
Our trading has 3 unique properties that allow our clients a safe trading environment: 
1. We are consistently profitable
2. We have 3 investment levels / plans
3. We have a safety stop to protect capital ( A lot of people don't like this , but please read on, to see why it's not a bad thing in our case)

We can uniquely use and combine these properties to ensure your results remain stable.

We have put together a few ideas on how you could protect yourself by using 1, 2 and 3 above.
We promote responsible trading so we have a safety stop to protect your funds from sudden market spikes. You can however position yourself so that your are not affected by a Safety Stop event ( should it ever happen) ( See plan A below) 
Keep in mind, that to succeed in forex investment, you must be patient and committed to (conservative) rules. If you can do that, you will have long term success.


You 'grow your funds' on Progressive until it is 'equal to the Safety Stop % ( 4%, 14% or 35% ) of 'the plan you want to trade on ( a bigger balance?) on'  
Once your account have reach this value - you put it aside as backup for a safety stop event ( should it ever happen)     

You can do this fast & easy by 'switching between plans':

           We did this ourselves ! 
We grew the 14%  safety stop value for on this Progressive account for the funds in this Moderate account   
- Note the withdrawals from the Progressive account.
- We hold a bigger balance in the Moderate account as the funds in there is protected by the 14% we've set aside. (if we ever reach a safety stop) You are effectively only at risk while 'growing the safety stop value' for 1 - 2 months.       

Here is the plan step by step: You want the Moderate plan (5% pm ; 14% Safety stop )
1. Select the Progressive at first ( 10% p/m)
2. Stay on it until it has grown by 14% ( or, equal to 'the safety stop value of the amount you want to invest in Moderate' ) 
3. Withdraw the 14% 
4. Now, switch to the Moderate plan.
(or, keep both accounts and get growth from both accounts :)

 (We offer package deals. 1 Account @ $39; 2 Accounts @ $69; 3 Accounts @ $99 )      

5. To keep up with increase in 'the size of the 14 % safety stop' (due to the balance increase) put 14% of the monthly profit aside.   
Should it ever happen that your account encounters a safety stop you simply deposit 'the amount set aside' 

If you can follow this formula you never have to worry about drawdown, or the Safety Stop being reached, as you have made provision for it. 
On Moderate your return will still be an amazing 4% + p/m  - considering that it is without any real risk, it certainly is worth considering.    



MODERATE ACCOUNT - $2000 ( 14% safety stop) 
-Trade for 1+ Months on Progressive
2000 + 14% = 2280  
-Withdraw $ 280 and put aside.  
- Move $2000 to Moderate
- 2000 x 5% ( monthly profit) : $100 x 14%  = 14 USD   
- Withdraw the $14,  leave $86 in acc 
- Continue to withdraw '14% of monthly profit' each month. 

If your account ever encounters a safety stop, deposit the 'funds withdrawn' : This way there is no interruption in your income,  or total balance .  

                  Happy days :) 

*All figures are estimates and excludes compounding)   



- Trade the account until Safety stop is reached (if ever)
- Move the balance to a plan with higher returns for a short period until loss is regained.    


 Conservative Account : $10 000
It has a Safety stop @ 4.85%
$10 000 - $500 (Rounded off safety stop value) = 9500  
Place $ 9500 on the Moderate account for 1 Month, or on Progressive for 2 weeks to recoup the value lost by the safety stop.   
* All figures are estimates and excludes compounding  
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